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Company Profile

"PCS Group WA has the depth of experience and skillsets to fulfil your expectations. Each project's specifications are reviewed carefully at the outset and the most appropriate experience and skills assigned to the task. It's an approach which delivers optimal crew members, tightly coordinated schedules and one timeline for an installation which dovetails with the rest of your construction. For subsequent projects, we provide the same account managers and the same handpicked technicians as appropriate to the task at hand - we understand that foreknowledge, communication and consistency are key ingredients in the success of your project."

Dean Priolo. Founder and Managing Director

Foundations Built on Trust
Dean Priolo built PCS Group WA project by project from its first days as Precision Cabling Systems in 1999. Back then, each project was a personal commitment as well as a mark of his professionalism. Today, as MD of an ever expanding company, he remains 'hands on' in the company he built from scratch. For Dean it's still personal, still dedicated, and backed by the most respected accreditation authorities and safety systems in Australia:

Teamwork: an Australia wide resource
PCS Group WA stands ready to deliver an Australia wide competitive alternative (which means that in a limited labour market you minimise time and costs sourcing qualified local contractors). We employ certified apprentices, and our people (including new employees) are continuously trained and monitored to ensure that they are conversant with and applying state-of-the-art safety and installation procedures and techniques. Our technicians all possess a valid and current:

✔ Police Department Security Installation Licence
✔ Electrical and/or ACA Communication Cabling Licence
✔ Manufacturer Equipment Training Accreditation Certificate

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