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PCS Group WA electrical division Electrical services
PCS Group WA residential division handles the smallest of homes to the largest of apartment buildings, working with home owners and builders to design and build electrical systems which offer complete control of lighting and other electrical services as well as smart wiring - a reliable and cost-effective platform to run phone, internet, fax, television and security services. Our commercial division.. MORE

PCS Group WA smart wiring division Smart Wiring
Smart wiring is a cost-effective way to wire your home for optimum comfort now and into the future. With smart wiring installed, you can combine phone and fax lines, cable TV, sound, internet shopping, intelligent lighting, security, home automation and much more. All with the flexibility to add on or change without the expense of re-wiring. It's just smart thinking... MORE

PCS Group WA security division Intuitive Security Systems
In today's world security is one of the more important challenges to the residential, commercial and government sectors. We thoroughly analyse each client's requirements to design, install and maintain sophisticated, integrated access control, alarm and digital video surveillance, intrusion detection and closed circuit (CCTV) television security systems... MORE

PCS Group WA multi-room audio division Multi-room Audio
Imagine being able to listen to music, podcasts, live broadcasts, that collection of classic, rock or jazz records you treasure wherever you are in the home. PCS Group WA's tailor made multi-room audio systems deliver unforgettable, rich and dynamic sound directly to any room in the home with a touch of a discreetly installed control panel... MORE

PCS Group WA home theatre division Home Theatres
Experience total escape with picture and sound quality that exceeds traditional cinema venues. PCS Group WA theatre rooms are custom designed for performance as well as aesthetics. Just one touch on your base panel, remote control, iPad or smart phone and lights fade, curtains open, the movie cues - it's time to relax, engage and enjoy. The most jaded guests will thank you for it... MORE

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