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You home is arguably the most significant investment you'll make. Our full monitoring service protects that investment and provides certainty and reliability whilst you and your family are working, at school, on holiday or absent for any reason.

PCS GROUP WA works with leading security providers to design and install automated alarm systems, allowing you to lock or unlock doors and gates remotely as well as view video footage of what (if anything) is currently occuring in your home. We also recommend and install PACOM security camera products - a system that integrates seamlessly from any location with the cameras in your home and your iPhone or iPad.

"Our reputation for attention to the smallest details, along with a commitment to flawless installations, makes PCS Group WA one of Perth's most respected home or office security specialists. That's just one more reason to trust that the investment you make will eliminate unwanted surprises, additional costs or compromised end results." ~ Dean Priolo. PCS Group WA.

Electrical Smart Wiring Security Multi-room Audio Home Theatre

ElectricalSmart WiringSecurityMulti-room AudioHome Theatre

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