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For the new home buyer or renovator there can be fewer more rewarding rooms than the home theatre. Studies show that second to kitchens, home theatres have the greatest impact on perceived value and desirability. And all that is before the actual experience! Little wonder then that builders and architects now consider home theatre spaces de rigueur. If you are in the early planning stages of building a new home, the inclusion of a home theatre will return your initial investment many times over. For renovators, though the route there may be more circuitous, this is equally true.

Home Theatres come in all shapes and sizes and in that sense each one is custom built; but that shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice functionality or picture and acoustic quality for cost expediency. Indeed, whilst purchasing high-end components certainly assists, AS IMPORTANT is technical design. Whether your home theatre system begins life as luxuriously appointed getaway wing or a relatively modest family room adjunct the same rule applies: it should outlive the original installation and have the capacity to transition seamlessly as future technologies become available. Five years from now, ten... as changing family dynamics and audience tastes evolve, so should your home theatre system. Result? A cost-effective, future-proofed system that serves you well and greatly increases the value of your home.

"PCS Group WA speaks the language of your design team, providing detailed plans and wiring specifications. We work in concert with your architect, builder or interior designer to eliminate unwanted surprises, additional costs or compromised end results." ~ Dean Priolo. PCS Group WA.

Electrical Smart Wiring Security Multi-room Audio Home Theatre

ElectricalSmart WiringSecurityMulti-room AudioHome Theatre

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