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The smallest of homes to the largest of apartment buildings, industrial sites and commercial complexes all have one thing in common: the electrical systems which underpin the way we live and work today.

For today's home owner, fully automated electrical systems are now a reality which offer convenient access to every device, every appliance and every electrical system you have installed. Home automation systems (whilst there are extremely sophisticated technologies behind the scenes) are simplicity itself to operate and control; allowing you to dictate how, when and why each device responds to your lifestyle from an unobstrusive wall panel, keyfob or remote device anywhere in the home (and while you're away, from your iPhone, Android, laptop or other device).

Convenience used to mean changing the tv channel from the couch. Today, we can adjust audio volume room by room through voice recognition, dim certain lights and feature others, view and vet unexpected visitors, cook a gournet meal, pre-set the temperature for those chilly winter mornings or remotely adjust air-flow vents on summer afternoons to harness Western Australia's 'Freo Doctor'.

Always on guard and at the ready, home automation also forms an integral part of your family's surveillance - not only safeguarding your home from intruders but importantly also intelligently alerting you to abnormalities before issues become costly and/or irretrievable. Imagine a system triggered to email you and automatically respond within seconds to any potential emergency...

"We are extremely proud to have been involved with lighting exhibitions at the WA Art Gallery as well as some of WA's most prestigious wine events. Indeed, our reputation for attention to the smallest details, along with a commitment to flawless residential, industry and retail installations, makes PCS Group WA one of Perth's most respected electrical specialists. That's just one more reason to trust that the investment you make will eliminate unwanted surprises, additional costs or compromised end results."
~ Dean Priolo. PCS Group WA.

Electrical Smart Wiring Security Multi-room Audio Home Theatre

ElectricalSmart WiringSecurityMulti-room AudioHome Theatre

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