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SMART WIRING harnesses all your wiring systems into one single, comprehensive platform for electrical, security, multi-room audio and home theatre systems. It is the brain behind the current and future design of your home, office or business enterprise. Working quietly and efficiently in the background, this hub (or central nervous system) has one aim: to simplify and automate a complex network of technologies.

INBUILT INTO THE BEST SMART WIRING SYSTEMS is the capacity to take advantage of new technologies as they emerge and seamlessly integrate them with existing functions. For discerning clients, the foresight to install Smart Wiring comprehensively compensates a relatively small initial investment and pays dividends well into the future. In short, the value of your home or business is increased and the inherent upgrade costs associated with new technology has been factored in. It's as simple as that.

"For industry professionals and the technically inclined, PCS Group WA installs and maintains a range of infrastructure - from fibre optic to category 5e and 6 coaxial cables and connectors."
~ Dean Priolo. PCS Group WA.

Electrical Smart Wiring Security Multi-room Audio Home Theatre

ElectricalSmart WiringSecurityMulti-room AudioHome Theatre

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