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It seems only moments ago that whatever we listened to in the home was heard by everyone else (including our neighbours). Thankfully, times have changed! Who would have imagined rock, grunge or jazz... audio books, study related podcasts, live concerts, sports commentaries and old Perry Como songs - all co-existing and making sound a deeply personal experience in each room of the home? And all of this programmed to perform at the touch of a button via your smart phone, tablet, pc or enabled device...

Like our sister division Home Theatres, Multi-room Audio systems use elegant and discreet installations in walls or ceilings as well as convenient handheld controls to provide the most flexible and non-intrusive control over what, when, where and who enjoys audio as we've never experienced it before.

"Our reputation for attention to the smallest details, along with a commitment to flawless installations, makes PCS Group WA one of Perth's most respected Multi-room Audio system specialists. That's just one more reason to trust that the investment you make will eliminate unwanted surprises, additional costs or compromised end results." ~ Dean Priolo. PCS Group WA.

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